Who is BKS Coaching?

Brendon Sydow

I am an empathetic, growth oriented person on an eternal journey to seek more knowledge, with a passion for emotional education and teaching this to anyone and everyone

I believe that the world needs more love and care for every human being and everyone just needs to tell their story. It is difficult to do this, especially when you don’t even know what your story is.

In your teenage and young adult years, you are still trying to find out who you really are, and what a journey that is. A majority of your young life is controlled by other people and many external factors. It’s time to shift that control to you.

I will give you an example. Throughout school I played football, 1st team cricket and I was captain of the golf team. I took these sports so seriously. They were my life. Now just a few years later, I wonder if I even enjoyed these sports. I am just now finding out what I like instead of pleasing others.

Now doing all of this all while entering adulthood and the work place where there is a plethora of external influences and new stressors and new people to manage, is one hell of a task.

I would love to guide people as they explore and discover their internal world. All while helping people manage their new external world.

Whether you want coaching around finding yourself, a work problem, relationship teething, past trauma or any problem you are currently facing, I would love to give you a safe space to do and learn what you need to do.

What is a coaching session?

A coaching session is a 50-60 minute session where you can talk about whatever it is that you want/need to talk about . My job in the session is to give you a safe space where I can listen to you. Whether you want to talk about your personal life or business issues, I am here to listen. I love to listen to people curate and shape the stories of their life and I may use some tools and techniques to help you in a particular place where you feel stuck or if you are looking for a change in perspective. Coaching sessions can be done online or in person.

Who can book a coaching session?

Anyone and everyone who feels like they could benefit from being coached. I am open to having a session with anyone who feels comfortable to have a session with me.

What must I prepare for a coaching session?

Be prepared to have an open and honest conversation. If you have a particular issue or problem, that’s great. If not, that’s okay too! 

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What is a LightWalker coach?

Lightwalker coaches are coaches who value Wholeness and integration, Intuition and truth, Compassion and care, and Authentic power. Using these values among many others, LightWalker coaches look to give you the time and tools that you need to wholeheartedly step into your full power.